Determine Your Price Range

One of the biggest questions home buyers have is “how much can I afford?” The good news is that there are people out there whose entire jobs is helping you determine just that. They’re called lenders, and they will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to sorting through your finances to determine your budget. It’s a crucial step before starting your search in earnest, which is why we’re happy to provide you with the following recommendations:

Choosing Your Team

A great realtor is the biggest advocate you have in the home-buying process, and choosing which one represents you is an important decision. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! You’re here because you want to find the best place available, which is why we promise to give you every ounce of energy we have in helping you find the perfect home for you! We have intimate knowledge of the market, great local relationships, and are deeply connected to these communities. And the best part is that as the buyer, our exemplary services don’t cost you anything, as brokers are typically paid by the seller.

The Search is On!

Here’s where it gets exciting: now you get to go shopping for the things you’ve always wanted in a house! An extra bedroom? How about bigger bathrooms? More yard? That neighborhood you’ve been eyeing? Not sure what which amenities will fit your budget? You’d be amazed what you can find when you’ve got two house hounds hunting for properties that fit your style and situation.

Want to do some searching yourself? We’ve got a tool designed to help you do just that!


What To Do When You've Fallen in Love

You found it- the home that makes your heart leap. Now it’s time to let your crush know you’re interested. As your realtors, we will walk you through the exciting process of making an offer, making sure you understand everything before submitting it. From there, we present your bid to the listing agent, negotiating on behalf of your terms to put your offer in the most favorable position.

A lot can happen during this step, as the details are susceptible to adjust before, and even after, your offer is accepted. We will make certain that you are aware of every detail as your contract travels through the real estate channels finally ending up at closing.

Home Inspection

An inspection of the property is your right as a buyer, and comes highly recommended. Like any relationship, you want to make sure you know as much about your home as possible before committing, and a licensed home inspector will do just that. Most purchase-and-sale agreements are contingent upon the buyers’ approval and receiving that precious info will allow you to negotiate any necessary repairs or replacements.


Your Lender

Once you and the seller have signed the purchase-and-sale agreement, the loan process begins. Your lender will work hard behind the scenes to put your mortgage together. They’ll need additional paperwork from you as they put the financial pieces together, so maintaining clear communication with your lender is important. During this process, we advise that you do not make any financial changes that may impact your credit. So as tempting as it is, do NOT purchase that Porsche.

Below are two lenders we recommend working with!


Escrow is an independent third party designed to protect both parties during closing. Their mission is to handle earnest money, prepare the final statements, arrange the legal transfer of property, and makes sure the proceeds reach the seller. Like your lender, escrow begins working as soon as the purchase-and-sale agreement is finalized and once papers are signed by all parties, the deed is recorded and the sale is final.


You Did It!

Congratulations, you and your new home have said “I do”! You’ve navigated the entire process from search to sale and it’s time to enter this exciting new chapter of your life. You’ve earned this, now go enjoy it!

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